All classes unless otherwise noted are taught by Michael Hansen

About our Instructor  

Mike Hansen became fascinated with bonsai in 1972 when his wife, expecting the birth of their second daughter, suggested that it would be a good idea to curtail his stock car racing hobby and spend more time at home. Coincidentally a magazine article at that time on bonsai caught his interest. Little did he know this was to become his lifetime hobby and passion.

Along the way Mike served in several local, national and international bonsai organizations promoting his love of this beautiful art around the world. All during this time he continued his study of bonsai art from bonsai teachers both in the US and in Japan.

Among the lessons learned from his earliest bonsai teachers was, in keeping with the tradition of bonsai lovers, he must share his new found knowledge freely with others and after about 10 years of study Mike began teaching bonsai. As his love of bonsai grew so did his enthusiasm for teaching and today Mike teaches regular classes at his studio in Pflugerville, TX and at clubs and seminars around the US. One of the highlights of his teaching experience was a lecture demonstration he gave to the Shanghai Bonsai Club in Shanghai, China in 1994.

Mike and his wife Candy own and operate the MBP Bonsai Studio in Pflugerville, TX where thy offer a wide variety of bonsai plants, tools, pots and accessories in addition to instruction and consulting services.


Michael J. Hansen

* 39 years of business experience
- Divisional Purchasing Manager - 3M Company, Inc. – Retired
- Currently full time Bonsai Artist. Nurseryman and Importer

* Active student of the bonsai art for 36 years.

* Internationally recognized leader in the community of bonsai enthusiasts.
- Past President of Bonsai Clubs International.
- Past president of the Minnesota Bonsai Society and the Austin Bonsai Society.
- Successfully developed and maintain relationships with the World Bonsai Friendship Federation, European Bonsai Association, American Bonsai Society and the Nippon Bonsai Association.

* Developed successful ongoing business relationships in the USA, Europe Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea.

* 24 years experience as a bonsai teacher and lecturer.

* Recognized bonsai artist.
- Received Outstanding American Bonsai Artist Award in 1987.
- Recipient of Minnesota Best of Show Awards in 1980, 1982, 1983 and 1984 and Award of Merit in 1983 at the Midwest Bonsai Show in Chicago, IL .
- Invited Exhibitor at the International Bonsai Congresses in 1987, 1988, 1992 and 1993.

* Co-founder and co-owner of the Midwest Bonsai Pottery.

* Co-founder, co-owner of MBP Bonsai Studio.

* Licensed Nurseryman in the State of Texas.

* Licensed Pesticide Applicator in the State of Texas

* One of two bonsai nurseryman in the US licensed in 2003 by the USDA to import bonsai under quarantine from Asia.

Michael J. Hansen

2006 - Present Co-Chair 2008 American Bonsai Society Convention in San Antonio

2006 - Present Elected Chairman of The Texas State Bonsai Exhibit, Inc.

1981 – Present Co-Owner and Manager of MBP Bonsai Studio

1994 - 1996 President, BCI-Bonsai Sekai Publishing, Inc.

1992 - 1995 President, Bonsai Clubs International

1994 Lead People to People Bonsai Expedition to the Peoples Republic of China

1990 - 1992 First Vice President, Bonsai Clubs International
- Served as Membership Chairman
- Sponsored and implemented Strategic Planning

1988 - 1990 Second Vice President, Bonsai Clubs International
- Chaired By-Laws Committee

1986 - 1988 Third Vice President, Bonsai Clubs International

1986 - 1987 President of the Austin Bonsai Society

1984 - 1988 Director, Bonsai Clubs International

1984 Elected Chair of 1987 International Bonsai Congress

1982 - 1984 Served on Bonsai Clubs International Membership Committee

1982 President, Minnesota Bonsai Society

1971 First interest in bonsai


* Mankato State College 1964 - 1969

* Continuous University and Corporate Based Education 1968 - 2003
- Primarily Business Law and Management.

* Current focus:
- Refining understanding of horticultural requirements and styling of Japanese Black Pine for Americans
- Maintaining a good working relationship between the USDA and bonsai importers.
- Refining bonsai teaching techniques using modern business tools.
- Studying Bonsai in Japan and in the US annually
- Teaching Bonsai to Clubs and individuals at every opportunity

* Bonsai Studies

- Toshio Saburomaru, Teacher 1980 - 1985
- Susumu Nakamura, Teacher 1990 – 2001
- Hiroyoshi Yamaji, Teacher 2002 – Present
- Kuniaki Hiramatsu, Bonsai Artist 1989 - Present