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Bonsai Intensive

An entirely new class designed to improve your bonsai skills and improve your confidence in those skills. The two day class is total immersion in bonsai tailored to your needs and desires for advancement in the art of bonsai.

Instruction is primarily one on one and your area of study is based on your responses to a pre-class questionnaire.

The idea of Bonsai Intensive is something we have been contemplating for several years but we were not quite sure where to start. Then in a visit with a friend a couple of years ago I learned that he conducting a very similar course. After a bit of discussion I decided to add the course to the 2009 class line up.

We are very excited about this new class designed for those who have been through the beginner courses. Be sure to visit the Bonsai Intensive tab under Classe

Trident Maple Dig Feb. 18 & 19, 2017  12/18/2009

Sometimes something old
becomes new again.

Such is the case with Aoki Brand organic fertilizer. We have been transitioning our bonsai nursery toward all organic for the past several years. During that time we imported organic fertilizer from Japan and we were satisfied with results. Then three years ago the manufacturer nearly doubled his price to us which made it just too hard to justify continuing their product.

On one of my trips to Japan I asked a good friend what he used in his nursery. All of his trees looked great. He laughed and said that he was just using a very old traditional fertilizer made from rape seed meal. With more urging on my part he introduced me to the Aoki company. This is a small family owned and operated firm that makes rape seed fertilizer cakes the old fashioned way, by hand. They would not tell me everything but I was impressed with depth of understanding they have and how little details like sun drying instead of oven drying preserves essential volatile oils that benefit our bonsai.
I took a sample home, put the cakes on a few of my trees and in about three months wow! Pine trees that were always a little pale

perked up to a vibrant dark green. The same held true for the deciduous trees.In addition, the deciduous trees produced consistently smaller leaves and shorter internodes.

Well that was the good news. Later, I found out when I placed a large order for export that all of that hand making and sun drying takes time. We have ample supplies in stock now, we just had to readjust our expectation for just-in-time delivery for this handmade truly quality fertilizer. If there is something you would like to see in this column please write to us at newsletter@mbpbonsai.com .

by: Mike Hansen posted 10-2-07

We have 11 year old trident maple trees of various diameters that were topped after last years dig and will be offered to bonsai hobbyists on February 6 & 7 Come prepared to dig your own tree with your own equipment. Trees must be bare root. No ball and burlap allowed.
See the Trident Maple Dig tab under Classes for more details. Reservations required.
For directions to the studio go to the Maps and Directions tab.

We are doing it again
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